Industrialization And Movements: The First French Revolution

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Many revolutions and movements occurred during the 19th century in France. The first revolution was a cry for liberty and equality. The second revolution revolved around the same ideas as the first but with a more focused attention on economic equality. Soon the Industrial Revolution was introduced. In the beginning, France was at a disadvantage in becoming an industrialized nation. It did not have the necessary resources it needed that the larger countries had. However, that did not discourage France in pursuing industrialization and the development of industries. The period of growth and development had begun with King Louis 14th during the old regime. He initiated the ideas to follow the growth of local manufacturing divisions. This improved culture greatly and many social structures were put into action. France was making its own materials and experienced competition with improved growth of the industries. However, it wasn’t until the July Monarchy and the Revolution of 1848 that the country of France started to experience that industrialization. Louis Blanc had a very practical approach to this issue of industrialization and growth among the citizens. He urged workers to fight for universal suffrage and to take control of the state peacefully. He proposed that the government set up workshops and factories to guarantee employment for all. This is an example of social and economic forces at work for encouraging the growth of industry with building more factories for

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