Pros And Cons Of The Persian Empire

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The Persian Empire is considered one of the most successful empires at its time. What made the Persian Empire so unique and successful, was because of how sophisticated there government was. Like other empires the Persian Empire had a religion. This made the people of Persia freely think about their ruler and help the empire out in any way. The Persian empire compared to preceding empires, (such as the Assyrian Empire etc) were relatively less oppressive and abusive to their people. This prevented the empire from collapsing that easily. Which is one reason why they advanced their rule for another 200 years (1,429 years in Dynasty rule (1979)). As the ruler, I would implement the ideas and Philosophies that the Persian empire used in order to have a strong and successful rule. For example the ruler would allow conquered peoples to maintain their culture, and create a multicultural capital city that contained influences from all over the empire. Though they are still ruled over their subjects, the multiculturalism will offered a different way to run an empire. The ruler and the government will also treat the people relatively respectful and practice their ways in the empire. The ruler will also implement a monotheistic religion which praises one God only. As a ruler, a skilled military society will also be beneficial to dominant imperial power. To avoid the mistakes of the Assyrians, who attempted to rule everything from a central location, the ruler will also divide the

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