Pros And Cons Of Vegans

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One becomes a vegan through deciding to avoid consumption of animal products for several reasons. The reasons are outlined below and explained further so that one can understand how a vegan diet leads to sustainability.
Ethical Reasons
Regarding ethics, vegans believe that every creature that exists on the surface of the earth has the right to life. Vegans are against the practice that kills an animal primarily because one wants to consume its flesh, dress in attires made of skin or drink milk. The vegan belief on ethics further enhances sustainability because it protects lives and nature can take its course.
Vegans are also concerned with the stress (physical and psychological) that animals undergo when being developed under the modern farming models. Ethical vegans dislike the use of small cages and pens that animals are put in, and in most cases, it limits the freedom of the creature between birth and its consumption (Visak 2007).
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The general consumers argue that people should eat meat since it is part of nature. But it is an argument that is wrong in the manner with which they consume natural beef, and other animal products are unnatural. In natural selection, it would be proper for one to hunt an animal and slaughter for food as it was the case during the early ancient days. Vegetarian is not against the concept of meat consumption, what they are against the unsustainable use of meat and other animal products.
The general attitude towards vegans is negative, but consumers of animal products could hold the same principles that as those of vegans. A vegan believes that when an animal is placed in front of them, they will not kill it for food unless it is the last source of food. The non-vegans consume the livestock and its products, yet other food options are available for them by nature and

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