Pros And Cons Of Working College Students

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Do working college students typically do better or worse in school? This question is one that hits home for me because I am a working college student. I have been a working college student for my entire college career, and the question is one that interests me. Do students who do not have to worry about outside stress, time management skills, and whether to sleep or do another assignment, do better than those who do have to worry about all of these things? This is my question to society, and to anyone who can give me a logical answer. My initial thought would be that students who do not work and live close to campus, would do better in their classes because they have more time to solely focus on their studies, whereas a working student, who has to commute, does not. From personal experience, there have been many nights that I have had school, then work, and then an assignment due in 2 hours, after I just got home from work. I want to accomplish finding out if students who work and have less time for school, do just as well, or better than students who have the extra time for school. Commuting students is also an area that I want to examine because more time is taken out of their days to get to and from school. Time is extremely valuable and there are times where you students get so busy with work and other things they might forget assignments. Being the hardworking student that I am, I get most of my assignments done, only letting the one rare assignment slip my mind. So

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