Pros And Consequences Of Spanking A Child

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This situation is all too familiar. Little Johnny is at the store with his mother throwing a fit, and persistently nagging her all because she won’t buy him a toy. His mother threatens him with timeouts and taking away privileges, but he does not budge. He continues to scream and shout causing a big commotion in the store by knocking things off of shelves and cursing at his mother. The mother now aggravated and pushed so far to her limit with her son’s defiance, grabs little Johnny by his wrist, takes him to the bathroom and proceeds to spank his bottom. The disciplinary action of spanking a child when they have acted out is a controversial topic. Physically punishing a child in today’s society for disobeying their parent is frowned upon by other parents, and is seen as abuse. To some, it is a regular form of discipline when a child has stepped too far out of line. Spanking a child is used to show that there are consequences for children’s wild and outrageous actions. The disciplinary option to spank a child is an effective way to resolve and regulate children’s ill-mannered behaviors.
There is a crucial difference between spanking a child and beating a child. Punishment is different from abuse. Spanking is a discipline, not a senseless beating. A swat on the buttocks is not the same as striking a child in the face. A quote from psychologist John Rosemond, author of “To Spank or Not To Spank” in an article titled “When to Spank” author Lynn Rosellini the article reads “A
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