Pros Of Rural, Suburban, And Urban Public Schools

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Pros and Cons of Pros of Rural, Suburban, and Urban Public Schools.
I. Introduction.
A. As one looks at different locations of public schools, whether it be rural, suburban, or urban, one can find many pros and cons of each. This research will focus on one specific pro and con of each school.
B. Rural schools while receive less funding than other schools are able to give their students more one on one attention.
C. Suburban schools experience more educational gaps among racial groups, but make up for it by
D. Urban schools face more structural difficulties than other schools, but are able to offer a more diverse environment to help their students be better prepared for their transition into college.
E. Every school has their pro …show more content…

III. Pros of Rural public schools
A. Rural public schools are able to implement individualized instruction programs to their schools, which allow students to have more one on one attention from their teacher.
B. Steiner (1971) discovered that individualized instruction will help the students because, "Students will have a new relationship with teachers. The teacher will become a helper, friend and counselor rather than a threat" (p. 372).
C. Individualized instruction will not only benefit the student that it will also benefit the teacher because, "Teachers will acquire new skills; they will learn to diagnose, to help students learn how to learn, to take the student where he is and to teach him" (Steiner, F., 1971, p. 372).
D. Rural public schools has a lot to offer with it 's technique of teaching despite their lack of funding. Suburban public schools, like rural, have their own set of unique pros and cons.
IV. Cons of suburban
A. Students in suburban public schools see racial educational problems compared to other schools.
B. A study was conducted at Lakeside High and discovered racial break in their school system. Diamond (2006) found that at Lakeside High African American students received, "lower GPAs, do not perform as well on standardized tests, and are less likely to be found in honors and advanced placement (AP) classes" (p. 498).
C. Diamond 's (2006) study also discovered that African Americans at Lakeside did not score as high on the ACT

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