Is Whither Effective Primary Teaching?

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The government’s expectation for teachers to achieve outstanding has been slowly increasing and has been placing educators under more stress for their pupils to succeed. The delivering of the curriculum should be the most important aspect of a child’s school vocation as this provides them with the foundation of knowledge they will need to gain employment in the future. The expectation from the government on schools within the United Kingdom is to consistently be providing respectable exam results annually and this is how they are being judged by such departments as Ofsted. Should the teachers be continuing to stay within the guidelines of the curriculum? Or should more emphasis be put out there to question whither effective primary teaching is all about just delivering the curriculum to children or based on annual exam results that are collected each year to critic the educational setting. This essay will critically discuss what effective primary teaching is and cover if teaching and learning is really all about results rather than nurturing the child to be prepared for life. In educational and school settings the curriculum is constantly changing, as well as the different styles of teaching pedagogies that educators use on a daily basis to match the types of learning of each child within their classroom. Educators strive to bring out the best within their pupils and through using personalised learning this can be done efficiently supplying the child with the correct type
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