Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing

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Standardized testing has its pros and cons I do not believe in it but I will give you proof for and against the testing. We will cover some the history and where the testing came from and why we do it. I will talk a little bit of how I feel about testing and how much we should focus on how the students do on the test. I have interviewed a few teachers that I had when I went to school and some personal friends that are teachers now and how it effects how they teach. Most historians trace the beginning of standardized testing to seventh-century China, when the government began administering written exams to select candidates for the civil service. As part of this exam, applicants were required to display knowledge of Confucian philosophy and to compose poetry. Strenuous testing continues today in China with the Chinese National Higher Education Entrance Examinations, commonly called the Gaokao, or high test. The Gaokao is required to gain admittance to higher education in China. In 2010, ten million Chinese students took this test, competing for 5.7 million college and university placements. Manuela Zoninsein opines in Slate, “It is China’s SAT—if the SAT lasted two days, covered everything learned since kindergarten, and had the power to determine one’s entire professional trajectory.” Standardized testing in the United States has a much shorter history. In 1845, public education advocate Horace Mann called for standardized testing of spelling, geography, and math in
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