Standardized Test Stress

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Test Stress Ever since elementary school we have had to take tests. Most of these tests were simple and only had to do with one subject. Other tests are rather large and consist of multiple subject and there is alloted time to take these tests. These tests are standard tests that are mandatory for everyone in school to take. The purpose of the tests is to measure how well your education is going. Since you take them year after year you can see how you are progressing in your intelligence. The only problem is that there is an enormous amount of weight placed on doing well on these tests. Therefore classes give tests with similar format and questions. Students are also taught to be good test takers. With all this testing there can be unnecessary stress put on students and teachers out of fear of doing poorly. Standardized testing, while a good measurement of learning, often puts more stress on students than necessary. The earliest known use of a standardized test was in seventh century China for citizens applying for a government job. Although that was …show more content…

Bush in 2002. Ever since it was passed education has changed. Testing was required in grades 3 through 8 and again in 10th grade. If schools did not show adequate progress through the years they had the risk of being taken over by the state or being shut down completely. With the law having vigoruous standards in math and reading schools had to put all focus on those core subjects often leaving out time for valuable creativity time. In order to encourage teachers and the schools the government offered rewards to those that achieved the high standards. That wasn’t the only place the state spent money though. They also increased spending on standardized tests themselves increasing it from $423 million before NCLB to $1.1 billion after. Combined the state and federal government spent a record breaking $600 billion on the new

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