Prostate Issues

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Relieve Your Prostate Issues with Prostara
Himex Labs and Prostara are one with experts, doctors and organizations that aim to spread prostate health awareness. Prostate health is an issue all men aged 40 and above should be concerned about, regardless of their overall health. As men age, the prostate – a gland responsible for producing semen which carries sperm out from the testes to the penis – continues to grow in size. By age 40, it encounters a growth spurt that can affect significant bladder functions and bring have a negative impact on a man’s life.
The Center for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that eight percent of men aged 31 to 40 will begin experiencing prostate issues. By age 50, this amount will have been raised
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Overweight men. Obesity is a risk factor in prostate issues. A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to men experiencing prostate troubles.

2. Men who are of Hispanic or African-American descent. These groups of men are more genetically disposed to prostate issues.

3. Men who have a family history of prostate problems. If your father, brother or another male in your family has had prostate issues in the past, then your chances of experiencing prostate health issues is higher.

4. Men whose diets are predominantly western. If your diet is mostly made up of saturated fats and red meat, then your risk for prostate diseases is higher.
You can counter these risks by making a healthy lifestyle change – eating a diet with more fruits and vegetables and exercising to improve circulation and reach your ideal weight.
It also helps to have regular check-ups from age 40 up. The earlier prostate issues are detected, the sooner you can take measures in managing your symptoms.

You and BPH
One of the most common prostate problems men experience is benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. This is a non-cancerous growth of prostate cells that may or may not manifest itself in the following symptoms:
1. Frequent urination, especially at
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