Prostitution, A Theme in the Stories: The Love Suicides at Amijima, Du Tenth Sinks the Jewel Box in Anger, and Life of a Sensuous Woman

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Analysis: Prostitution In the three short stories: The Love Suicides at Amijima, “Du Tenth Sinks the Jewel Box in Anger”, and “Life of a Sensuous Woman”, prostitution takes a major role in the lives of all characters and societies views of them. The three characters in the aforementioned stories, Koharu, Du Tenth, and the Sensuous Woman, respectively, are all prostitutes themselves. The lives, thoughts, and actions of these characters are all ruled by the fact of them being prostitutes. Also, the lives of the characters most closely associated with them and the view of society upon them are all affected by the basic association of prostitution. In the stories, prostitution presents the idea that the view of and individual can be easily skewed by the most popular view of society. For millennia, prostitution has employed millions of women and empowered them in ways that are often overlooked. In parts of Asia during ancient times, prostitution was an institution. Separate areas of a city or town were solely dedicated to the profession, with their very own sets of customs, traditions, and populations. In Love Suicides, the area of the city set aside for prostitution is the Sonezaki New Quarter and in “Du Tenth”, the area was a compound of the Ministry of Music. This separation of prostitution from the rest of the community serves a purpose to society as a whole, as it allows the townspeople to turn a blind eye and pretend it does not even exist. In the lives of the characters
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