Prostitution And Sexual Relations With Prostitution

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Introduction Prostitution could start at any age, depending on the reason why it began. About 40% of prostitutes are former child prostitutes who were illegally forced into the profession through human trafficking or once were teenage runaways ( There is no need for an education and the amount of money received is something unbelievable. Prostitution is the act of engaging in a promiscuous sexual relations with someone for money. Prostitution is also known as the “Worlds oldest profession” according to the Huffington Post (Kolodny). Prostitutes can make anywhere between $5,000 per week (the average in Kansas City) to $32,833 per week (in Atlanta) according to the Huffington Post (Kolodny). In most of the United States…show more content…
Statement of the Problem Becoming a prostitute comes with many different obstacles. Being a prostitute damages you mentally and physically. Mentally it could affect how someone feels about themselves. According to Tahlia Perry in her article Prostitution: A Problem of Equality, Dignity and Integrity prostituted women experience feelings of numbness, shock, fear, loss of control, nightmares, depression, anger, desensitization, shame and guilt (Perry). All these problems could cause a life time of daily problems and how one reacts to social interaction. With saying that mental illness could cause dissociation which occurs during extreme stress among prisoners of war who are tortured, among children who are sexually assaulted, and among women who are battered, raped, or prostituted also dissociation, depression, and other mood disorders are common among prostituted women in street, escort, and strip club prostitution according to Melissa Farley, PhD, Founding Director of the Prostitution Research and Education (Farley). With all the side effects from being a prostitutes it could cause addiction. According to Janice G. Raymond crack cocaine and alcohol were used most frequently during prostitution (Raymond). With all the mental tolls a prostitute could go through it could push them to their furthest limit. Women in prostitution are also at special risk for self-mutilation, suicide and homicide as stated
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