Prostitution Book Report

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One central idea that emerges is prostitution. It appears on page 95 when it states , “ No matter how little virility a man has to offer, prostitutes make him feel for a time that he is the greatest man in the world. That's why these prostitutes had that morning rush of business. More wives could keep their husbands if they realized their greatest urge is to be men.” This shows how the women are allowing themselves to let the men feel satisfied while dominating the men's thoughts. They allow for the men to have what they want as a pleasure. The book states, “ The prostitutes had to make it their business to be students of men. They said that after most men passed their virile twenties, they went to bed mainly to satisfy their egos, and because a lot of women don't understand it that way, they damage and wreck a man's ego . “ Another central idea that appears is integration. It appears on page 95 when it states, “ Those women would tell me anything. Funny…show more content…
In these two events you can see that they both help build on each other. He starts off mentioning prostitution with something so vague that has been occurring throughout history. Then he mentions in a clear sentenced that it is both races playing roles in this event. They both tend to come together because without prostitution there would not be a clear intimate integration between races. They help build on each other because they are a cause and effect event, without one there wouldn't be the other. Prostitution is something so commonly that can be seen today making the connection with the reader and knowing that for a lust is more of a satisfying pleasure feeling that does not have limits upon how you get it. The book also states, “ All women, by their nature, are fragile and weak: they are attracted to the male in whom they see strength. “ Thus showing how both sexes and races needed to be dependent on each other
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