Prostitution Is A Profession For Victims Of Coercion, Human Trafficking, Physical, And Mental Health

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In 1955 Rosa Parks sat in a white mans seat on a bus and refused to get up when asked too, saying "NO, I will not," to the demands of the white authoritarian mans society. This attitude is the same attitude that the greater world population needs to have towards the degrading act of selling ones body for money. 70 out of the 196 countries in the world (Meltzer) that have legalized the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment (, and before this number can get any larger, someone needs to listen to the thousands of voices that are saying “no” to prostitution. There are an unimaginably vast number of issues this profession which don’t just include the rights of male and female sex …show more content…

Therefore, sex slaves are victims, and have the right to escape the captivity of prostitution by guaranteeing that nobody else can be forced into the industry, legal or illegal. At first glance, the idea of selling a male or female body for sex seems to be a horrendous crime, and when one looks closer, it’s undoubtedly evident that prostitution is a horrendous crime. This is not just because of the obvious unethical reasons of producing sexual pleasure for a indiscriminate John, but also for the question of rape as a side effect of illegal prostitution. The majority of the world would say that rape is far worse than prostitution due the non consensual factor, but they are wrong. In many situations, prostitution is rape, and considering what sex workers have to endure in this line of work, it might as well be emotionally rape. Sex workers are only soliciting what seems to be consensual sexual activity because they have been forced into the profession. Either they have to produce and ends to a means, to provide for themselves or their families, or they have been forced or coerced against their will by a deceptive and seemingly caring boyfriend or girlfriend who then turns into their pimp. They are victims of abuses, violent and heartbreaking abuse, as: “90 percent of prostituted women have been physically

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