Essay on Protecting the Target

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“I’ve assigned two officers to Dyanna Montarro’s home. I have three other squad cars stationed there for a time as well.” “Why not call in the National Guard too? I told you we should have taken her back for further questioning. And you know what the boss is going to say.” “What can he say?” Banks saw Nailon pull out a cigarette. Chuck tended to grab them during times of duress. It amazed her how someone as tough as Nailon felt he needed to smoke in stressful times. “C’mon,” he said in a sarcastic tone. “You know the pencil-necked pimp is going to complain, don’t you?” “I don’t care. Frankly, Dyanna Montarro and her daughter are real targets. Gregg’s disappeared. He was likely taken by a mass murderer that may have …show more content…

“Or are you referring to the lightening-quick response we received from everyone you got to cover my back after fellow officers and I were shot?” “That’s not fair Rosie. I’d do anything for you. You know, we’re partners. But I’m not only concerned that you’re wrong about Montarro, but you’re unnecessarily reckless. You owe your personal safety if not to your partner but to your family.” “What about the victims, Chuck?” Banks understood Nailon’s point. Banks had a family; a wonderful husband and her precious six year old daughter. She was already writing letters to Santa Claus. And she just learned to dance with some rhythm to some Rock ‘n’ Roll songs. She was the light of Rosalie Banks life. But she admitted to herself that she had sworn an oath as did Chuck. “They deserve our best Chuck. It’s why we’re here.” Nailon stepped away and glared at two officers. He growled, “What are you looking at? Get back to work.” He stared back at Banks. Their eyes met and instantly pulled away. After a minute, Banks spoke. “We’ve no physical evidence of Julia or Warren’s death. Nor do we know of their whereabouts. There’s some blood but no bodies. No bodies from anyone. If there was any, they’ve all disappeared.” “Any ideas?” “Not really. I’ll want to speak with Dyanna and interview Hector. There was a comment he feeds people to rats. Hector probably

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