Provisional License For Teens

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Prompt 1
The age of 16 is a very fun and exciting year for teenages. A year of freedom and the highlight just so happens to be getting their provisional license. A provisional license is what a teenager is given while under the age of 18 and it is kept till they turn 21. The thought behind this is that they are still under state and parent supervision, they are given some freedom, and responsibility and the age should not be changed..
To have a provisional licence is to be under provision while driving, the first stage is spending six months to a year behind the wheel with someone over twenty one in the vehicle. When this minor does apply for a license and pass the driver's test they are issued a license with restrictions that last up to a year, but the parents may waive them after six months. “The restrictions are as follows the minor may not have more than one non immediate family member under the age of 21 in the car with them, must have attendance at school, may not drive between midnight and
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This is thought because teens are inexperienced drivers and everyone thinks they are going to cause an accident. Of course accidents happen, but does this make adults irresponsible as well. A study showed that while teens are more 10 times more likely to have an accident, but according to “Karen Sternheimer a University of Southern California sociologist who studies accident statistics, cited federal data from 2007 showing that drivers ages 25 to 34, as well as those ages 45 to 64, were nearly twice as likely to be involved in alcohol-related fatalities as 16- to 20-year-old drivers.” So, this shows there are several problems on the roads and it's not just teens. 16 year olds or even 18 year olds, raising the driving age will not change what those around you are doing, it just burdens the parents with a child is dependent till they are legal to vote, join the military, and go to
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