Psc410 Full Course [ All Discussions and All Weeks Assignments Except Week 10

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PSC410 full course [ all discussions and all weeks assignments except week 10
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Describe the most significant leadership challenges facing organizations today. Are you optimistic that these challenges can be overcome? Why or why not?

week 1 dq 2

The idea of “servant leadership” may be considered a paradox. Describe this paradox in the context of leadership.

week 2 dq 1
Review the "Core Values" media piece located within the topic materials. Select your basic 9 values that will provide the foundation for your "Personal Model of Leadership: First Level." Was it hard to narrow your selection to only 9 values? Why are these 9 values important to you? …show more content…

week 5 dq 2
Describe organizational collaboration, including identifying its challenges and its value to the organization. Cite an example (good or bad) of organizational collaboration. week 6 dq 1
Explain why it is important for servant leadership to improve communities and society. Why is leadership courage important to realize these changes?


The PSC 410 Lecture 6 describes how Toyota’s Prius helps the company realize a competitive advantage that also benefits society. Identify another organization that also has a product or service that combines a competitive advantage and a benefit to society. (Avoid using examples such as TOMS Shoes or Seventh Generation, whose business model is based entirely on social responsibility, or efforts such as Starbucks’ RED initiative, which combines a social remedy and a marketing campaign.)

mod 7 dq 1

What could lead to Greenleaf’s Theology of Institutions becoming a viable model for making societal change? What stands in the way of this idea being achievable?

Research a contemporary example (in the last 5 years) of how foresight benefited an organization or how lack of foresight led to harm for an organization. If foresight was helpful, identify the reasons why. If you cite lack of foresight, could a servant leader mindset have made a difference? How?

mod 8 dq 1
Your final and fourth level of your "Personal Model of Leadership" is due. You

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