Psy 230 Week 1 Assignment

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Part A After reading through the chapter on the DMIS stages (denial, defense, minimization, acceptance, adaptation, and integration), I would say that personally, I fall under the “acceptance” stage. “This stage represents an individual’s ability to recognize and appreciate cultural difference in terms of both people’s values and their behavior” (Cushner, McClelland, Safford, Pg. 152). As it states, the individual experiencing acceptance is “beginning to demonstrate the ability to interpret phenomena within a cultural context”, I believe that this is a fitting sentence for myself. Being that I am from a rural prairie town in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma, and the only people where I lived were other Senecas like my family and friends, I did not experience a cultural shock until I was in the sixth grade and had moved to Florida. In this town in Oklahoma, it was rare to even see someone described as “white”, as racial prejudice is still rampant throughout Oklahoma against Natives and basically, everybody who isn’t. I was taught to be accepting and welcoming throughout my life, and I believe that made the transition into a new cultural system much easier.…show more content…
People cannot continue to live in fear of what they do not understand and be fed what the media is giving to them by the spoonful. We have to learn to make our own decisions, and running a positive ad to show that people are people and we are all one in the same, no matter our race or religion, is what is needed, especially in the world at its present state. I would not be surprised if in the next ten years or so, there will be more ads like this throughout the United States and not just on the side of a bus in Hillsborough County. Eventually, there will more than likely be more cultural integration and education on the subject to lessen fears and discriminations to create a more positive and working human
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