Psychedelia Research Paper

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Psychedelia is a subculture of the 60s characterized by several features. Psychedelic images include all types of bright colors and full spectrums. Psychedelic music is full of deep, pulsating sound effects and electric guitar elements. Likewise, psychedelic games are full of psychedelic artwork. In this post, we have made the list of the top 5 psychedelic games on Nintendo NES.

Nintendo NES Psychedelic Games: Kid Icarus

Full of disturbing images and pulsating sound effects, Kid Icarus is a classic example of a psychedelic game. In the game, one may spot all kinds of acidic green, hot pink, and bright blue colors.

Kid Icarus Game on Nintendo NES

Nintendo NES Psychedelic Games: Kirby's Adventure

Kirby's Adventure is full of surreal elements

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