Psychiatric Mental Health : Appearance

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Psychiatric Mental Health Appearance RA posture was erect and relaxed. Body movements were deliberate and coordinated. He maintained good eye contact. Hands were folded across the lap. He periodically rubbed his hands on his legs. His dress was well groomed and appropriate for the winter. RA was well groomed, cooperative and calm. Behavior RA was alert, aware, and responding appropriately to the situation. His facial expressions were appropriate to the situation. His responses were appropriate to the situation. Facial expressions were appropriate for the task. He maintained appropriate eye contact. His speech was articulate. RA engaged in conversation effortlessly. The pace, fluency, and word choice were all appropriate for his education. When asked, “How do you feel today?” He replied. “I feel good, but I am tried from working the third shift.” He was cooperative and appropriately engaging. Cognition In terms of orientation, RA was oriented to time, place, and person. When asked, “What is your address, phone, and health history?” He provided the information with any hesitations. RA was able to concentrate on the task. No wandering was noted. RA had no problems with his recent memory. He recalled his breakfast. “I had eggs and bacon.” For remote memory, he was asked “What was your first job?” He replied, “McDonald’s. RA scored 30 on the Mini-Mental Health Exam which indicates no issues. Cultural Assessment RA, a 35 year old, Caucasian male was just a
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