Psychiatric Rehabilitation Case Study

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The role of Psychiatric Rehabilitation worker (PsyR) emerged with the aim of helping people with mental illnesses integrate into the community and assisting these individuals to regain independence. Prior to 1980, the goal of the PsyR professional was to focus on treating symptoms in order to stabilize behaviors and decrease hospitalization rate. After 1980, there was a shift in the way people viewed the role of a PsyR professional. The focus turned from simply maintaining stability to rehabilitation that focused on helping people with mental illness achieve independence, self-awareness, and a better quality of life. According to Drake, Alan, Mueser and Howard (2003), there have been profound changes in our knowledge about serious mental health disorders and in the development of effective treatment that permits these individuals to live and thrive in a community of their choice. These changes have inspired a paradigm shift in the way services are delivered to individuals living with mental illness. It is a consequence of these changes …show more content…

Taking this into consideration, changes in educational requirements for PsyR professionals would be advantageous to the general work force. As noted by Gill (2005), supervisors identified workers with PsyR-specific degrees to be more skilled clinicians. These findings compliment the idea that the education of a PsyR worker is also a strong predictor of psychiatric rehabilitation beliefs (Van Houtte, 2009). Although research suggests that nonprofit workers with advanced degrees have higher turnover (Blankertz & Robinson, 1996), studies also show that workers with intrinsic commitment are more likely to develop staff tenure (Walko et al, 1993). For this reason, the workforce would benefit from more educated or specifically educated

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