Psychographic Interview

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I will conduct interviews in the same settings where I conducted participant-observations. I hope to have the opportunity to interview members of internet cafes and ask what about plastic surgery and beauty products intrigues them to research and share information about it during their free time. I will interview plastic surgeons in well-known and not so well-known plastic surgery clinics to better understand what elements about the cosmetic industry intrigued them enough to become surgeons. Also within these clinics, I will interview individuals waiting to get procedures done. Questions asked would include but are not limited to:
What is your current age and what cosmetic procedure are you undergoing?
Why are you getting plastic surgery?
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These interviews and surveys would be conducted in Korean with all information pertaining to my research written in Hangul. I will give the willing participant time to ask questions about my research and why I am conducting it to build a relationship with participants in order to receive honest answers. Interview will be conducted before procedures and follow up interviews will be done two weeks, one month, six months, and 12 months after plastic surgery to see any changing feelings towards plastic surgery and the affects it had on the participants’ daily life. All interviews and surveys will be conducted with participant confidentiality in mind. All interviews and surveys are hoped to be repeated with entertainment companies and the use of surveys will also be done in universities and recruiting companies. Although high school surveys and interviews would be ideal, I would need permission from school boards and parents to conduct research. If the school boards and parents say no, this could finder my ability to understand the affects of plastic surgery on the youngest members of my research group, and possibly cause me to have to change my research age demographic. All data collected will be complied into groups according to place collected and will be compared by city and

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