Psychological Analysis Of Romeo And Juliet

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The story of Romeo and Juliet starts like a comedy about two families who hate each other, but it changes to a deeper story when Juliet makes her first appearing. From the beginning of the play her scenes are the polemical ones, we see in her a girl who thinks by herself, she analyzes the situations deeply, she means what she says and more important, she measures the consequences of her actions. If we evaluate the psychological characteristics of this girl from the point of view of the century where she lived, she seems different to the other girls, and, not going that far in time, her courageous attitude is bigger than countless women that have lived in the last century. Trough the play these features become more noticeable.
In Act III, Scene V, when the mother of Juliet enters the room of her daughter, Juliet was crying. Romeo had just left her there, alone, and Lady Capulet assumed …show more content…

We know that just a few decades ago women were considered as matures as a child in aspects like giving an opinion related to politics or religion, just the word of the man of the family was taken in consideration, therefore, it was common that women were married to someone who they did not love just because it was the family’s choice for her. Juliet was presented like a child protected by her parents when the play begins but she quickly shows her real personality. Romeo kissed her without her and that kiss represented a change in her; from that moment on she did just what was right for her, certainly she became trapped in a situation she did not planned, but once inside, she did the right thing. She married the man who kissed her because it was the right thing to do, her honor had gone with that kiss and marriage was the way to compensate that grievance, but she also knew that if here family discovered the truth they would have killed Romeo. And Juliet loved Romeo maybe because it was also the right thing to

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