Psychological And Emotional Patterns Of Mr. Dynamite

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He demonstrates poor grammar and low reading skills, he is able to do simple arithmetic calculations, can think abstractly, and can follow simple instructions. He is typically oriented to where she is at, whom she is with, and what time it is although he was slightly disoriented when we spoke about his friends and parents. No noticeable deficits in his ability to recall information from various points in time were observed. Overall, he shows the ability to think rationally and make good judgments in regards to decision making.
Psychological and Emotional Patterns Mr. Dynamite has constantly feared that he will not have anyone present in his life or that he will die alone due to his lack of social and family support. As a result of his
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At this moment, he has difficulty with problem solving capacities and would need to also learn how to solve issues that may arise in his daily life.
Diversity, Ethnicity, Religion, Spirituality Mr. Dynamite is a White American adolescent with strong religious beliefs. He attends church regularly on Sundays and believes that there is a higher power out there. He believes that there is a God and he prays at night. His grandmother practices Christianity, but his brother does not consider himself as a Christian; he is non-practicing.
Recreation/Leisure Activities The school counselor reports that during school hour Mr. Dynamite often can be seen playing video games on his computer or on his gaming console. Mr. Dynamite states that he is a fan of gaming and that the majority of his free time is dedicated to this activity. He states that playing video game allows him to “feel free and alive” as there is no one to judge him or tell him what to do. When he is not playing video games, he may go outside to play with his pet llama or go to the lake to swim and fish. He states that he does not like to go out with individuals his age and would rather be alone with his game and pet llama.
Use of Community Resources and Services Mr. Dynamite has been meeting with his school counselor and with his social worker. He has not received counseling before, but his social worker has
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