Psychological Disorientation Of Willy Loman

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Psychological Disorientation of Willy Loman in Arthur Miller’s
Death of a Salesman
The famous dramatist Arthur Miller’s work conveys a deeply moral outlook whereby all individuals have a responsibility both to themselves and to the society in which they must live. Through his drama, he constantly provokes the social conscience of his audiences. Miller’s drama tries to create a better society in which everyone can live. He explores the demands of moral values and brings out important individual and social needs, recognizing the balance between the two. Miller attacks the false values of American society by using Willy Loman’s collapse. The play Death of a Salesman ultimately captures the audience’s attention not only because of …show more content…

The reader can understand how the interrelationship of opposing loyalties and ideas in Willy’s mind motivates every aspect of his words and deeds in this play. By identifying and analyzing Willy Loman’s values, we can bring out the intrinsic nature of Willy and Biff’s conflict. Discussion of Willy’s values clarifies his infidelity and singular effort. Both of these factors seek and escape from conscious recognition of the role he played in Biff’s failure. Willy’s life and values helps us to understand why he feels to commit suicide and it also explains why Death of a Salesman is a tragedy. The themes like frustration, anguish and alienation shows that human struggle is rooted in metaphysical as well as social and psychological …show more content…

Willy idolizes Ben and considers his advices and opinions as treasures. Willy rejects Ben’s lifestyle and approach to business, but his image stands for “success incarnate” (Miller 152). He is disturbed with the echoes of Ben’s cryptic words –“with a certain vicious audacity: William when I walked into the jungle, I was seventeen. When I walked out I was twenty one. And, by, God, I was rich!”(160). His tone is always remorse when he mentions Ben, associated with his brother and missed opportunity. So, it’s clear that Ben embodied the image of success in Willy’s mind and also he represents the road not taken. In other words Ben symbolizes Willy’s alter ego. Ben, the other self of Willy, gives us an open insight into his character. He explores not only the values of Willy but also what kind of choice he has made in his life. Therefore Ben is undoubtedly the embodiment of one kind of American dream to Willy. Ben and the single man representation of Dave, also symbolize the American dream in a contrast. According to Willy both men stand for a value system that are diametrically opposed to each other. When Ben appears in the memory scene, his view point is always contrasted with the perspective of another

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