Psychological Factors Underlying Criminal Behavior

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Core Assessment Paper Criminology (CJ200) February 21, 2013 Core Assessment Paper Throughout the course of history individuals have always been known to commit crimes. Of those crimes committed, some serve as a purpose for survival while others where done as senseless acts of hate or with malicious intentions. Criminal behavior is something that can be further understood through the discipline or course study of criminology. Criminology as defined by the text is, “The scientific study of the nature, extent, cause, and control of criminal behavior” (Siegel, 2011, p. 7). There are some things involved in criminology that even notable criminologist can’t explain. While this statement is true in some instances, there are…show more content…
While Beccaria was more favorable to the due process system. He believed that people should have the right to prove their innocence. It is difficult to understand how two individuals under the same school of thought could have taken such opposing views. Their views branched from one basic theory and was understood in two different ways of reasoning. Even with the differences of their views, each of these classical thinkers was after one common goal, no more crime and ways to instill deterrence. These two philosophers are much like the individuals of today that are still after the idealistic society of less crime and more deterrence. Even in the 21st century we are still seeking methods and ideals of how to better control crime. The legal system is well established and has implemented several measures that allow individual as well as group behavior to be punished. Even with such a well-established system, there still seems to be the high rate of recidivism plaguing our nation. It is hard to see the change in those who have been incarcerated mainly due to their mentality and how they view things. They have been conditioned to believe that there is nothing that they can do outside of the corrections system so they become habitual offenders and often times repeat the crimes that caused them to be entered in
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