Psychological First Aid ( Pfa )

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Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a model that supports early intervention after exposure to a traumatic event (Forbes et al., 2011). Steps in PFA include contact and engagement; safety and comfort; stabilization; information gathering of current needs and concerns; practical assistance; connection with social supports; information on coping; and linkage with collaborative services (Forbes, et al., 2011). Through these possible steps, the counselor can assist the client in feeling safe, calm, connected, empowered, and hopeful (Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress, n.d.). In order to calm and establish rapport with Mary, the counselor would use contact and engagement and safety and comfort to be helpful, compassionate, and to provide immediate and ongoing safety and emotional comfort (Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress, n.d.). In order to gather information from Mary, the PFA information gathering and current needs and concerns would be helpful to identify Mary’s current needs and concerns so that proper interventions could be established (James & Gilliland, 2013). This can help to determine the severity of the trauma or in Mary’s case the risk of suicide. Apply the mnemonic IS PATH WARM, recommended by SAMHSA, to this scenario. How would you assess each of the criteria for the case of Mary? What other assessment tool(s) could be used to help assess Mary 's level of suicidal ideation? Present a rationale for using (or not using) that tool with Mary. Using the
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