Psychological Therapies: Insight and Action Essay

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Psychotherapy is a therapy aimed to directly change disordered or inappropriate behavior. There are two forms of modern psychotherapy: insight and action. Insight therapies aim to enhance your understanding of yourself, your motives and actions. Insight therapy uses humanistic therapy and psychoanalytic therapy. Humanistic therapy ‘s goal is to boost self-fulfillment by helping people grow in self-awareness and self-acceptance. This insightful approach focuses on the client's sense of self and present experiences in their daily lives, rather than focusing on early childhood. Carl Rogers developed person-centered therapy an insight therapy that emphasized providing a supportive emotional climate, which promotes personal growth. …show more content…

A patient in behavior therapy needs five sessions to see if the treatment if effective. After five sessions, success is shown, but it is suggested the patient continue treatment. A major drawback to this therapy is time, it take time to modify a behavior. Cognitive therapy, supported by Aaron Beck, teaches people adaptive ways of thinking and acting based on the assumption that thoughts intervene between events and our emotional reactions. A few cognitive distortions include: arbitrary inference, selective thinking, overgeneralization, magnification and minimization, and personalization. Arbitrary inference occurs when one jumps to conclusions without any evidence. Selective thinking happens when the focus is selectively on one negative aspect of a situation, leaving out other relevant facts. Overgeneralization is making a board rule based on a few limited occurrences. Magnification & minimization is when a person blows negative things out of proportion while minimizing positive things. Personalization happens when the individual takes responsibility or blame for events unnecessarily. These approaches to psychotherapy are hard to gauge whether effective or not. Success depends on the clients, clinicians, and friends and families perceptions. On average, the effects of psychotherapy are significant and large. Variation in outcomes is mostly dependent on the severity of

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