Psychology: Analysis of Lindsay Lohan's Personality

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Lindsay Lohan: Personality Analysis
I will present a brief biography of Lindsay Lohan and then examine her personality from the perspective of Freud‟s Psychoanalytic Theory
Lindsay Morgan Lohan was born on July 2, 1986, the daughter of Donata (Sullivan) and Michael Douglas Lohan. Followed by the birth of Lindsay were two brothers, Michael and Dakota, and a sister, Aliana. .The start of Lindsay‟s career began as a Ford Model at three years old. In 1996 she obtained her first major role in the television soap opera, Another World, and then moved on to Disney‟s motion picture The Parent Trap and she went to do many movies as a young adult Lohan‟s childhood was professionally exciting and personally difficult. For the most part
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Lohas unconscious mind is still trying to get attention from an absent father by abusing drugs, driving erratically, engaging in problematic relationships, and stealing.
Id, Ego, and Superego
The id, the ego, and the superego are parts of the mind that work together to create behavior and personality. There is always an ongoing conflict between the id and the superego that the ego has to negotiate. The id is the “child” part of one’s personality. This is the little voice that says “I want it now.” When people do things on impulse or think only about receiving satisfaction, the id is in control. The egos function in the mind is reasoning and can be considered the “adult” part of the brain. The superego is the “moral” part of the mind that strives for perfection and enforces parental and societal rules. All three parts of personality, id, ego and superego, need to be well-balanced to have good mental health.
According to Freuds theory, the unconscious part of Lohans mind where the id, ego and superego interact, drives her behaviors, though she is unaware of these underlying influences. Lohan‟s conscious mind works with her superego and considers the effects of what could happen when she participates in delinquent behaviors. However, she is driven by her id, the child in her, which
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