Psychology : Human Mind And Its Functions

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Psychology by definition from the Oxford dictionary is the ‘scientific study of the human mind and its functions’, or in simpler terms ‘the mental characteristics or attitude of an individual’. This subject focuses on the mentality and behavioral aspects of humans, assessing the behavioral patterns occurring within the mind, and questioning how it controls certain parts of our bodily system. In the broad topic of psychology, the numerous aspects of it each have a distinct difference to one another. For example, the cognitive approach to behaviorism refers to the human behavior, and the primary focus is how humans think, and how thought processes impact on the way we behave. Psychology, as a thorough analysis on the human mind, strives to investigate and interpret the way of our minds, how they are influenced and why certain things (for example the environment) affect our thought processes in different situations. Behaviorism is mainly concerned with the side of behavior that is able to be observed, rather than the internal/mental side of it. Behaviorism has its advantages, as it is an easily observable occurrence making it simpler to define, measure and examine major changes of an individual. As years pass and psychology evolves, more and more theories are being founded and even more therapy-related/experiments are being invented, improved and tested professionally. For almost every established mental problem, there is an option as a solution. Some experts in the field of

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