Psychology: I Relate to the Humanistic and Behavioral Theories Most

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There are many different modern perspectives of psychology. These modern perspectives are cognitive,psycoanalysis,humanistic.socio-cultural,behavioral and evolutionary. When thinking about a key event in regard to different personality theories, I felt that I could most relate that key event of my life to the humanistic and behavioral theory. I will mainly be emphazing on these two modern perspectives. Moreover, I will then evaluate the key concepts and the principles of these two theories, and briefly compare and contrast their thoughts in the following paragraphs.

Behaviorism, is a theory based upon the idea that all behaviors are attained through certain condition. Behaviorists believe that it is more profitable to study
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I remember that during winter of my junior year, I had see my ex-girlfriend for the first time in three years. She left my life when I was in the eighth grade, because I was irresponsible to dumped her two time during our relationship. I can probably never forget how special she meant to me. I know that deep inside, I still loved her dearly. I stop talking to her for three years because she was so busy with her life. After about three years of excommunication, I finally got the courage to call her up and ask about how was thing going for her. We caught up on old memories and enjoy a few laughs about the new ones. After the conversation, I decided to go see her the next day.

One of my biggest mistake was to introduced my best friend, Celio Sosa, to my ex-girlfriend. While I was driving Celio home from school one day, he begged me to drive him to see Estela, my ex-girlfriend. At first, I thought that he should meet her because she was my first girlfriend and he was my best friend. When I took Celio to Estela's house, he was shocked by her beauty. The next day, he go to her house without telling me about it. He was courting my ex-girlfriend for a couple of days. I did not know about this until I came to visit her, and she told me that my friend had been visiting her everyday. I was a little jealous because I knew that Celio liked Estela. I went up to his face the next day and ask him if he like her, and
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