Psychology Life Spans

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Development Throughout the Lifespan NAME. PSY : Personality Theories Argosy University Development throughout the Lifespan The development of our personalities throughout our lifespan can be broken down into various stages when considering Erikson’s approach to psychology development. Each person moves through these stages during life, which directly affects his or her success in the next stage. The personality is being built and shaped at each stage. The first step is to summarize what was learned about the psychosocial development through observations/ interviews. Second, summarize the trends seen through the observations/interviews regarding psychosocial development. Third, explain how movement through …show more content…

People are motivated by behaviors and actions. I believe this to be very true; when I am around smart productive people then I feel smarter and more productive. On the other hand, when I hang around lazy people then I want to be lazy and not do anything and this serves as a turning point for slow personal growth. Movement through Erikson’s stages directly affects people’s success in the next stage. In a nutshell, a person must deal with a conflict until it is resolved with the major events and then they can move on to the next stage in the lifespan successfully. Both theories are providing valuable information on how a person progresses through the stages of life and deal with conflict. Freud had some very valid points; however not everything is related to the basis of sexuality. Erickson explains his theory in a more articulate manner by expanding on how conflict is present and a person must resolve them successfully to continue onto the next stage while formulating a healthy personality to confront and master new challenges during the lifecycle. For example, while I was growing up, I had experienced many crises as each stage of my life not that I knew of them back then, but in hindsight I see how that solving my crisis at each stage influenced my personality, which made me the successful person I am today. Another example is watching my

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