Psychology Paper on My Mother´s Student

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Not everyone has the luxury of good health and a good home life. When someone has either bad health, or a bad home life, there is plenty of pity to be felt; but when those two factors are combined, it paints a whole new picture. It is important to do everything in one’s power to help them through the tough time and make it as painless as possible. That is exactly what I did in the case of one of my mother’s students. She was having back surgery due to severe scoliosis, while also dealing with a mother who was addicted to pain medication. This girl was very worried that after the surgery was over and she was sent home, she would not be able to take her medication, fearing that her mother would take it for herself. When I heard that this student had asked my mother to accompany her for her procedure in Kansas City, I saw this as a golden opportunity. I could finally find out who this girl was that my mother was so caught up with, staying up at night worrying about. I could finally understand who I was sharing my mother with, and why. When I walked into the hospital room after her procedure, my mother’s student was on a myriad of powerful painkillers, much to her dismay. This girl was terrified of taking the medication, because she did not want to end up like her mother. The girl’s mother also had Scoliosis, and had developed a dependency for her pain medication, leading up to her developing a tolerance for it and taking her daughter’s pills as well. My mother’s

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