Psychotherapy: A Rhetorical Analysis

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There are a wide array of genres, including n Each genre has a specific goal and style of writing. The Smart Therapist: A Look to the Future of Smartphones and mHealth Technologies in Psychotherapy by Bonnie A. Clough and Leanne M. Casey falls into the professional genre. This article focuses on how smartphones can help mental health and what the future of the industry looks like. Many genres exist that hold the truth and main goal is to entertain or inform readers, all genres have four major characteristics: a specific rhetorical purpose, content, structure, and linguistic features.
The discourse communities that the audience is in would be the academic and professional. The intended audience is a little broader than the discourse communities, …show more content…

All information within the article is considered appropriate because all information is cited and factual in American Psychological Association format. The overall article is organized in paragraph structure with proper headings and allows for clear and organized reading. The article begins by summarizing what the article hopes to accomplish which is “the purpose of the present article is to define mHealth within clinical psychology, provide a review and discussion of the functionality of mHealth devices, current trends within the field of psychological mHealth, the challenges faced by researchers and clinicians in this field, and examine directions for future research.” The article ends by summarizing the information written in the article by having a conclusion. The structure is clear enough that the reader can understand the meaning of the article which is to highlight how technology, specifically smart phones can affect mental health treatments. The author marks the structure by using headings such as “Advantages of mHealth Technology” and “Mobile Phones for EMA”. This helps organize the article and helps the overall effect of the article on the reader. The authors, Clough and Casey make the structure by using headings for each section, which allows the reader to clearly follow the information in the

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