Psychotic Disorder Due to Epilepsy

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Psychotic Disorder Due to Epilepsy Introduction Epilepsy, which is recognized by "the repetitive and unprovoked occurrence of epileptic seizures," affects more than 40 million people globally (Helmstaedter, n.d., p. 3). In addition, epidemiological studies reveal that a percentage of psychoses are epilepsy-induced. Psychology's attempts to treat patients suffering from psychosis due to epilepsy have necessitated studies of related socio-cultural and environmental factors in which special attention is paid to the relationship(s) between epileptic psychoses and human development/socialization. Furthermore, Psychology's pragmatic treatment of these disorders demands a learned sensitivity to relevant cultural factors and treatment of both epileptic and psychotic issues. Psychotic Disorder Due to Epilepsy In Psychiatric Disorders Associated with Epilepsy, Hernandez-Frau and Cavazos reported that the most prevalent psychiatric disturbances suffered by epileptic patients are depression, anxiety, and psychoses. Estimating the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in epileptic patients and the general population, they compiled the following table: Psychiatric Disorder Controls Patients With Epilepsy Major depressive disorder 10.7% 17.4% Anxiety disorder 11.2% 22.8% Mood/anxiety disorder 19.6% 34.2% Suicidal Ideation 13.3% 25.0% Others 20.7% 35.5% (Hernandez-Frau & Cavazos, 2011) Furthermore, the 1998 study published by Vuilleumier and Jallon estimated
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