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When a school receives a negative or unsatisfactory rating it will be important that as an administrator we do not hide but rather face the problem head on. If we try to dodge those who are concerned it will only lead to more anger and fractured relationships. It is important that we focus on maintaining and improving upon our relationships. We need to capture the communities and parents trust through our actions toward improvement which can be supported by data. Per, Maze of Mistrust Parents, Educators, and the Challenge of Public Engagement business groups, local government officials, taxpayers, and civic organizations were sometimes clamoring for change and often mystified by what the schools were up to. Now is the time that we must …show more content…

The letter would include the findings for the D rating and include Policy 2320. I would also outline the components involved in determining a school rating which include proficiency rates, observed and adequate growth, accelerated improvement of the lowest 25%, graduation rates, and college and career ready indicators.

Dear Parents,
I am writing this letter to follow up on the D rating our school has received. I know many of you are upset and confused but I want you to be confident that my staff and I are working diligently to design a plan to help improve our school. I want to assure you that we are dedicated to our students and will be 100% invested in your child.
Our rating is based on the school’s overall performance score across multiple measures that include both student proficiency, student growth, and student success indicators as outlined in Policy 2320. It also takes into consideration Policy 4110 about student attendance and Policy 4373 on Safe and Supportive Schools. I can provide a copy of any the above policies upon request.
I will be happy to meet with anyone who has a concern and go over the details and results of our evaluation to answer any questions or concerns. There will also be several meetings over the next few months where we will be meeting to review our improvement plan.
I hope you take time to attend or send me any input or concerns you may have to my email

Lisa Henline

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