Puberty Of Hormones And Adult Physical Development

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All teenagers experience huge changes physically and emotionally, called puberty. Puberty is “the time between the first onrush of hormones and full adult physical development. Puberty usually last three to five years” (Berger, 2014, p 319). Puberty generally starts between the ages 8 to 14. During these times children make the transition into adulthood. Not only do they grow in size, but also in sexual maturation. Inside the body many changes are occurring as well, such as the increase in hormone secretion. Hormones are “an organic chemical substance that is produced by one body tissue and conveyed via the bloodstream to another to affect some psychological function” (Berger, 2014, p 320). Hormones are responsible for regulating “hunger, sleep, mood, stress, sexual desire, immunity, reproduction, and many other bodily reactions, including puberty” (Berger, 2014, p 320). Two main hormones that increase drastically during puberty is estrogen, for girls, and androgens, for boys. During the period of increase in these hormones, pubescent teenagers are more likely to develop psychological disorders, such as eating disorders, due to poor body image, causing long term issues physically and mentally. Eating disorders and body dissatisfactions are big issues in today’s society for teenagers and young adults. Eating disorders cause people to become so obsessed with their body image that they try to consume the least amount of food as possible. There are many different types of

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