Public Awareness Campaigns Through Social Media Essay

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Sites like Craigslist and are not the only online mediums that traffickers use. In fact, few sites are safe from their advances. With sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and WhatsApp human traffickers have access to over a billion people, social media everywhere has opened a new world for traffickers. To combat traffickers, experts believe that there need to be more public awareness campaigns through social media that help inform people especially children about the dangers of that can accompany the use of online and social meaded. Facebook said that its users are “encouraged to report content that violates its policies, including any connected to human trafficking, while teenagers are given additional safety and privacy features on their accounts which block public searches” and Snapchat has guidelines on how to stay safe online, and has implemented a trust and safety team to deal with issues and reports of abuse. There is little doubt that Internet commerce has benefited greatly from the commercial sex industry. Indeed, some even would go so far as to say that the commercial sex industry itself has been responsible for many of the technological and Internet-related developments of the last decade. As mentioned in the beginning of this essay, the Internet pornography industry generated about 2.8 billion USD, in 2006 alone, and as mentioned in the “erotic services” postings, was estimated to produce $80 million in annual profits for the
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