Public Health Effects Of Medical Marijuana

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Public Health Effects of Medical Marijuana Legalization in Colorado Over the last few decades, the controversy over marijuana has been heightened, specifically in the last decade or so, with the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana for parts of the United States. Now with increasing acceptance and with its counterpart scrutiny, research is being implemented to analyze whether the benefits truly outweigh the possible health effects to individuals and communities. In this article, researchers study public files from the state of Colorado and Denver metropolitan area from 2001 to 2013 to support a possible theory of connection between diminishing public health and legalization of medical marijuana. Some of the public files in use are arrest files that have limits to yearly data, and hospital and poison control records that are documented monthly. Specifically in this article, the years before legalization of medicinal marijuana in 2009 are compared to the years after in which an increase or decrease in hospital visits or reports of marijuana-related incidents are compared. The researchers in this study attempt to show an increase in harmful effects on the overall public health in communities in correlation to the significant increase of accessibility of marijuana throughout the state. The goal of this research is to evaluate possible increase in public heath complications after the establishment of medicinal marijuana in the state of Colorado. Two issues
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