Public Health Field Analysis

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In the Merriam-Webster dictionary public health is defined as the science of caring for the people of the community by giving them basic health care and health information, and improving living conditions. As a child growing up, I always knew I wanted to help and care for people so my goal was to become a nurse. However, my goal of becoming a nurse did not go as planned due to the competitiveness in the field of nursing, so I decided to go and speak to a school adviser. My former adviser suggested that I should consider other health care occupations that may interest me and that corresponded with the classes I had already taken. I had already taken. After researching different health care fields, I had decided that the public health field would …show more content…

It was an emotional day for my family because diabetes was not prevalent during that time. If my grandmother had not convinced him to go to the doctor, it probably would have been some time before he was diagnosed. In addition, after getting a complete health screening, my grandmother had found out that he had injured his foot at work after dropping a heavy box on his foot. Needless to say, his toes were infected and the infection had spread to his foot. His foot had to be amputated. I can’t help wondering sometimes that if he had been educated properly on the importance of heath care screenings and the importance of a healthy lifestyle would he still have his foot. I am committed to the well care of myself, family and others that is what has influenced me to apply to the Community Health program. I have grown up and endured the trials and tribulations of life, especially now that my mother is older and currently in a nursing home facility where I assist with additional care for her. My passion for supporting and helping others has always been there and that is why I am still focusing on completing my BSN at this stage in my life. As for my personal aspirations following completion of the program, with the knowledge, skills, and learned, I will be working with local communities and I would like to enroll in Chicago State University Master’s program in the Public Health

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