Public Health Initiatives to Encourage Oral and Dental Health Education

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Dentistry is a field of art and science. It requires a compilation of dexterous technique, imbedded knowledge of every aspect of the field, and academic principles for successful delivery of care. Dental students go through a very rigorous and expensive training for many years to gain such expertise. According to ADA, dental school enrollment is increasing at 1.1 percent every year while the overall populace is increasing at 1.2 percent per year. This undoubtable statistic increases competition among existing as well as up-coming practitioners for present and future practices of Dentistry. This rapid increase of dental education combined with increasing liabilities, economic uncertainty, and the increasing amount of student loans for this specific education will further create many challenges to its past, present and upcoming potential professionals in this highly competitive field. Over the next few years, the dental profession might be facing problems affordability of creating their own practice, education expenses, and the ability to market their own style of Dentistry The United States has a very competitive nature towards small businesses and most Americans tend to shop and choose oral care through word of mouth. As a new dentist, this creates a high disadvantage and most likely will lead to multiple new dentists creating a team practice. The group then has to agree to everything as one, so often, one or more will not be satisfied further creating another problem

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