Public Health Insurance Programs For New York City

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There are many public health insurance programs in New York City. For example, HHC Options, an affordable payment plan from New York City (NYC) Health and Hospitals that aims to help individuals and families who have no other health insurance options and provides them with access to primary care doctors and specialists at participating public hospitals while keeping their immigration status confidential. According to New York Immigrant Coalition, certain categories of lawfully present immigrants have the same access for affordable coverage (or health insurance) as U.S.–born citizens, provided they meet income and residency requirements. Green-card holders and applicants, refugees, asylees and asylum applicants, victims of trafficking and…show more content…
United States is a country of immigrants- a country that opens doors of opportunities. According to Global Humanitarian Assistance, United States is also the largest donor to humanitarian aid to the rest of the world, assisting the world’s population with 32.2 billion dollars of humanitarian aid in 2014. According to Council on Foreign Relations, most of the humanitarian organizations, for example the Doctors without Borders and World Health Organization: Humanitarian Health Action, either have at least one main branch or their headquarters are in the US. How sad is that the diverse immigrant population from all over the world who are residing in the US cannot access the health care when US is providing health care and other basic necessities in the countries they fled from due to poverty or violence (among many
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