Public Healthcare Vs American Healthcare Essay

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The main differences that I believe that exists between the American and the Canadian healthcare and public healthcare system, is the access and quality of the medical services rendered to its citizens. The American healthcare system is comprised of private insurers, as well as public insurers that rely heavily on the federal or state government for financial support. Many Americans receive their private healthcare coverage through their employer, while others receive healthcare via public programs Medicaid, Medicare, or they remain uninsured. The United States spends more per capita on medical services and devotes a larger percentage of its GDP to medical care than any other country. What’s more apparent about the American healthcare system is that the life expectancy rate isn’t reflective of how much money the country invests in healthcare. Rather than rationing out medical services, America allocates its services based on a citizens’ ability to pay. Citizens who can afford better medical services are most likely to receive higher quality of care in comparison to individuals who cannot. Citizens who rely on health insurance from the government …show more content…

I am specifically interested on what other factors besides their healthcare, contributes to their high life expectancy and low infant mortality rate. Are there certain policies besides healthcare policies that are also responsible for their success? I want to eventually graduate from law school and work with the federal government to decrease healthcare expenditures, and ultimately increase access and affordability to medical services for all citizens. Participating in this program will allow me to explore beyond the American healthcare system. Allowing me to discover if there are certain aspects of the Canadian system, that America could potentially implement to increase our health

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