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Nowadays we are surrounded by an abundance of technology in which public historians make use of this technology in order to make memories and history come alive. One of the more common ways public historians use technology to make memories interactive and interpretive are through documentaries and movies based on true stories. For example, the movie we watched in class on the Massacre of 1913 is a use of digital media. The use of digital technologies is important for public historians because many of citizens across the world are immersed in different technological devices and are up to date with technology. Public historians are taking advantage of this opportunity and are incorporating them into museums and public history sites to engage …show more content…

Digital technologies enable public historians in reaching such goal. All public historians share a common interest and commitment to make history relevant and useful for the public sphere and with the use of technology it makes it a lot easier. For example, the projects on the listed on the Digital History Reviews is just one example of how it makes the goal easier. The Civil Rights Movement Veterans project is a perfect example of how public historians use digital technology to make their work relevant and useful to the public. The site for this project contains a list of 367 individuals who worked in the Freedom Movement and a description of what they did, photographs, and a detailed timeline of the movement. The website is an outstanding resource for anyone who is interested in or studying the Civil Rights Movement. Other than the Digital History Reviews there are other digital technologies that allow public historians achieve the goal Lowenthal states. Other technologies that are used are songs, movies, and games because of smart phones a lot of this is taken on the go and can be discussed with others to facilitate a deeper understanding the …show more content…

Public historians are able to use technology to improve this process because much of the world's population is attached to different technological devices. So incorporating these devices in museums and historical sites allows for viewers to pick up the device and see what it does and in return learn something about the past. Some places have created apps that allow users to follow along in the app as they go through the museum or allow them to revisit the museum at a later time. Other museums use interactive displays that allow the user to control what they want to learn and many use films and movies to explain the past. Technology, just like history is changing every day. So many people use smartphones and computers it would be silly for public historians to not take advantage of utilizing the media to spread memories from the

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