A Historical Movie Need Not Be 100% True Essay

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Advanced information technology is widely used in the millennium age. History is can be reprinted, re-edited and re-presented (Chan, 2013). Relatively, history can be shown in a more realistic way than before. Audience can spend few hours to have a brief understanding of history. However, I think the motivation of making historical movie is not merely for education but consists of other reasons. Seediq Bale will be taken as an example for elaboration. Firstly, the movie is a review of modern value. There is a comparison between civilized (Japanese) and uncivilized (Indigenous people). Modern education tells me civilization is an indispensible element for human evolution. It is a symbol of superiority. Indigenous people who are illiterate …show more content…

It depreciates indigenous people. Indigenous people cannot receive fair treatment even they are better than Japanese. Indigenous women are not respected. They need to drink with Japanese. Government does not help them when they are raped. Money is not need in the world of indigenous people but civilization introduces money which makes indigenous people become the poor as they do not have money originally. Civilization introduces development so that the home of indigenous people is mined. Their resources are deprived. Civilization introduces secularization so that traditions and customs are prohibited. Their belief is not respected (Wei, 2011). These are different with my understanding of civilization which is contributive and inclusive. In addition, Mona Rudo mentioned he had visited Japan. Japanese deliberately arrange him to have dinner with his enemies to make the atmosphere nervous. He keeps kind to Japanese when there is conflicts between Japanese and indigenous people. But Japanese never say thank you to him. Conversely, Japanese always threat him (Wei, 2011). This reflects Japanese civilization does not respect indigenous people. It also consists of conspiracy. Things shown from the movie are very realistic. We are easy to misunderstand that these are 100% true. Usually, there is a difference between projection and reality. In Seediq Bale, Mona Rudo is a hero. His image is positive. In reality, he had cooperated with Japanese. He

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