Digital Memory Reflection

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On October 4th, 2017, I went to see Abby Smith Rumsey presentation about “How Digital Memory Will Change Our Past and Shape Our Future.” This was an Inaugural Digital Scholarship Lecture that occurred in Pruis Hall from 7:30-9:00 p.m. (Q.1.) Rumsey’s general purpose with the topic of “How Digital Memory Will Change Our Past and Shape Our Future” was to inform the audience about digital memory. The speaker wanted to inform the audience about the memory and technology that goes along with digital memory. (Q.2.) Rumsey central message was on memory, technology, and how history is going to survive when dealing with digital memory. The clarity of the central message was hard to understand because the speaker jumped back and forth from focusing on the history of digital memory to the memory and technology of digital memory. As an audience member, it was hard to follow what was part of the central idea and what was not. (Q.3.) For me personally, I thought Rumsey was audience centered with her presentation. Most of the audience was engaged in the speaker but there were a few who got up and left in the middle of the presentation. In the beginning of Rumsey presentation, she stated what devices will do to our memory. By stating this, it helped the audience connect to the topic. Throughout Rumsey’s speech, she would quote a famous person and then afterwards she would put it in words that college students understand. As an audience member, this really helped me understand

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