Public Policy Is An Objective Oriented Action Plan

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Public policy is an objective-oriented action plan that the government pursues in handling various problems facing the country. The design and application of public policy in the country derives its rationale from the laws. Despite this feature, individuals that are not legislators often set public policy. The government agencies, individuals, and groups that fail to comply with public policies are subject to legal penalties. The power of formulating public policy incorporates division between vast arrays of entities. Defense policy serves as an excellent example in this context. For instance, following the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor, the president conducted a joint session of Congress to seek the declaration of war. This process, …show more content…

At the other end of this continuum, the setting of public policies to dictate all the actions of individuals would result in producing a society based on extreme order. In both contexts, the option of enjoying the existing order or liberty to full extent is impossible without the attainment of adequate balance. At the extreme points, the scope or number of public policies can play an important role in the maximization of order and liberty. This perspective leads to the alternate description of the public policy. Public policy refers to the procedures through which the political establishment balances the need for creating a structured environment and provisions of freedom. Within such an environment, the political establishment can provide mechanisms through which to enjoy the freedoms in a meaningful manner. These policies are developed in order to act as checks for the role of government towards its citizens. The waging of debates relating to social policy usually occurs on two fundamental levels. The big picture perspective encompasses the philosophical and practical implementation levels. From a philosophical standpoint, people may highlight differences in their support for the inaction or action of the government in relation to the priority they place order, liberty or democracy. The opposing views that characterize this scenario have deep roots as well as considerable implications for the ways politicians and

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