Public Policy, Made To Fit People: Article Analysis

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In the New York Times article from 2013 titled Public Policy, Made to Fit People, Richard H. Thaler addresses the issues surrounding education and the vocabulary gap between children of middle-class and above families, versus that of poor families. In this article, Thaler claims that at the early age of three years old, children who come from middle class families have roughly double the vocabulary span of their poor counterparts.
Thaler actually does an excellent job of approaching this subject from a broad context. He does this by citing sources which come from a variety of different fields, which helps bolster his arguments. For example, Thaler says “Until recently, this word gap has been hard to address. One promising new approach is being
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(Think of it as a box score for those interactions.) Providence, R.I., has won a $5 million grant from the Bloomberg Philanthropies for a Providence Talks program to use these kinds of techniques to improve school readiness for low-income children.” (2013). Due to the variety of sources and disciplines Thaler cites in his article, it’s clear that he doesn’t suffer from tunnel vision on this subject. While Thaler presents concern for impoverished youth, he still manages to demonstrate his ability to think outside the box, and look at the issue from multiple perspectives. In addition, Thaler uses these perspectives to offer creative solutions to this issue. Granted, he did not pioneer these solutions. However, he presented them nonetheless.
Thaler does an excellent job of addressing this issue in a comprehensive manner. His article is well-organized, and does a good job of presenting his viewpoint in the beginning, while offering the viewpoints and solutions of others throughout his article. While Thaler did a good job of presenting multiple perspectives, an interdisciplinary approach could improve Thaler’s article by allowing him to present multiple viewpoints of his own, rather than relying on outside sources to bring variety to his
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