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“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” declares National Rifle Association 's President Wayne LaPierre. But, does this statement really hold true on college campuses? Considerations of allowing a student or others to conceal and carry a firearm on college campuses causes a tremendous amount of controversy in the U.S.. The heated debate surrounding campus carry began after the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech reported Dennis A. Henigan, former Vice-President of the Brady Campaign and Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. According to David Burnett, a spokesman for Students for Concealed Carry, LaPierre’s quote would hold true even on college campuses. He believes if students and staff of colleges had the capability to conceal and carry weapons, colleges would become safer, and those who carried would potentially have the ability to stop a tragedy like Virginia Tech’s attack from happening. On the contrary, Henigan believes equipping students and staff with concealed firearms will cause further issues and risks to progress. To him, if concealed carry on college campuses pass, an eruption of chaos and more disputes will occur, even more than what takes place now. The feud on concealed campus carry between Burnett and Henigan focuses on the concerns of safety and responsibility of college students, as well as the entire population of college campuses. However, protecting college students serves their main purpose; through either authorizing or
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