Public Safety Is More Refined, And Strategies Of Communication Essay

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Today, public safety is more refined, and strategies of communication are a lot quicker. Law enforcement tools have evolved from posters to police radio, patrol cars and social networks, like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Social networking has quickly become a valuable intelligence-gathering tool for law enforcement agencies, also as a supply of proof for defense and prosecution personnel who search Facebook pages, Twitter feeds or YouTube videos seeking to discredit witnesses, establish enforcement bias, hunt proof or establish associations between gang members (Perry, 2014). Some enforcement employees, notably those accustomed to the use of social media frequently communicate with friends or family, typically post material with very little or no thought as to whom could have access to it or how it should be shared. Inappropriate or careless postings on social media sites will impact an agency negatively in many ways. An employee’s statements concerning coworkers as well as the departmental leadership will produce dissension within the work, inappropriate communication, or harm a law enforcement agency’s relationship with the diverse community it serves (Perry, 2014).
Police officers usually possess a personal phone while on duty, permitting them to access websites, to send and receive non-public e-mail, and to exchange text messages with their friends and coworkers. Officers are embarrassed and disciplined for making inappropriate social net sites and sending messages

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